Holme Station Homestead: Trout Rivers, Country Golf, Great Tastes

The South Canterbury area is a great place to relax and enjoy the country lifestyle.

There are seven golf courses within 15 minutes of Timaru, endless flat country roads to explore on a bicycle and lots of scenic places to discover on foot. There a lots of small cafes around the countryside, and Timaru has some interesting new restaurants or you can just lay on the sandy beach at Caroline Bay and soak up the sun. In the hills behind Holme Station there is some incredible Moari history, it is worth seeking out the cave paintings created by the Moa Hunters, the most famous in New Zealand.

For the more adventurous there is rock climbing and trout fishing, in season the ski fields aren’t far away. A little further afield and you will find a host of country golf clubs and some world renowned restaurants like Fleurs at Moeraki.

Holme Station Homestead is the perfect base to access the wonderful lifestyle of this part of the world.


Holme Station Homestead, Tel +64 21 937 126, South Canterbury, New Zealand

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