Holme Station Homestead: A 15 acre picture of English Country Life

The grounds of Holme Station were designed to create a fitting setting for the grandeur of the house.

Established at a time when much of New Zealand was covered in bush, the grounds conjure up images of English country life. All around massive Oaks and other exotics imported from the four corners of the world. Sweeping lawns, punctuated with idyllic copses, and pieces of history, like the old tennis court by the river and the gardeners cottage. Have a game of croquet, put up a marquee or just enjoy the fresh air.

Much of the history of the design and planting of the grounds at Holme Station has been lost in the mists of time. When the station was originally established, the landscape around the homestead was almost without trees. A very sophisticated planting plan was put in place that saw plant species from all over the world introduced to produce a park-like environment for the house and farm buildings. Today the old propagation shed still stands in good condition down on the bank of the river.

A stroll around the grounds gives the visitor a few clues into the pioneering lifestyle enjoyed by the Elworthy’s. Down near the river is the remains of the old tennis court, for many years the social centre for the family, just beyond it, over the fence, the old propagation house, where the seedlings for today's massive trees where nurtured. Over the back of the house, the remains of household hydro power system, and the shell of the old gardeners cottage, all reminders that this is one of New Zealand's “Heritage” houses.

The garden at Holme Station Homestead was designed to be enjoyed. You can still escape to the garden seat in the glade, or have a game of croquet on the front lawn. Any season is enjoyable on the patio with the umbrellas up, the barbeque sizzling away and a few bottles of New Zealand wine. 100 years on, the maturity of the trees has created a park of some significance for our guests to play and relax in.


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