Holme Station Homestead: Indulgent baths, luxurious showers

Everything about the bathrooms at Holme Station is large, large spacious showers and large bathtubs.

When Holme Station was originally established it had all the modern conveniences of the day. Hot water however, was limited to how much you could heat over the fire at one time! In fact, a staff member was employed to cut wood for cooking, heating and cleaning. Today you can take a long shower or soak in a bath for as long as you like.

Holme Station Homestead has 6 bathrooms, 3 have bathtubs. Every bathroom has underfloor heating and features a large spacious shower, along with all the other luxury amenities you would expect in a modern house.


Holme Station Homestead, Tel +64 21 937 126, South Canterbury, New Zealand

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